504 Gateway Time-out-1

https://ipfs.mintameta.com , is my node。https://ipfs.mintameta.com/ipfs/QmUH7sEVmRXdLqz2HCAQ7WY3F4jvy1Up3PUdTMFPMqBsy4 , accessible, But https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmUH7sEVmRXdLqz2HCAQ7WY3F4jvy1Up3PUdTMFPMqBsy4 can’t. I tried to upload only one picture or a small number of pictures, but he can’t parse it. I suspect that the number of pictures is huge, and he won’t be able to parse it. Later, when I checked other people’s projects, I found that they uploaded a lot of pictures as well. https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPaXaVq4qEzv2N4R5CKy24TNJE65fPtND6zQCznGYWoGX, they can all succeed.
Thank you for your help。。。

Welcome to the forum, you already have this topic here: Ipfs.io “504 Gateway Time-out” request?

So there’s not really a need for this one. If you need to edit your post, you can do so.

I’m going to close this topic so all information and help can be consolidated into the one place :slight_smile:

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