A hash does not propagate from localhost

I uploaded a hash to my localhost. It does work on localhost that is the following does work:

curl http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmUfUo6LbPF5hKMwKXVju4zeqpZfrWVE7JuXuGUTmKx5Aa/manifest.json

But I can’t request from other servers, the following does not work:

for i in https://ipfs.eth.aragon.network/ipfs/ https://ipfs.io/ipfs/ https://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/;
do wget -O/dev/null ${i}QmUfUo6LbPF5hKMwKXVju4zeqpZfrWVE7JuXuGUTmKx5Aa/manifest.json;

How to make it propagate from my localhost? (I need it to appear at https://ipfs.eth.aragon.network/ipfs/).

Hi, is your node behind NAT? In order for the content to be able to be found when you access it from a gateway, your node should be reachable. ipfs id should show the IPs that node is advertising. While IPFS tries to open router ports with uPNP, in some cases, you need to manually hardcode your external IP and manually opened port in the config (see Announce config section).