Advice for IPFS infrastructure implementation

I look for advice on how to proceed, I have the following characteristics to be respected:

  • I have a few master servers (MS, they are nodes in the IPFS network) where files (video, documents, images, etc) are uploaded to IPFS.
  • In each MS the files are uploaded to IPFS via add pin command.
  • The files uploaded in each MS want to be saved also on the MS filesystem.
  • All files uploaded by all MS must always be available to all MS, even if one or more MS are down.
  • The files uploaded on IPFS from an MS are visible to all MS but only the MS that has uploaded the files can delete them from IPFS (with the command pin rm).

In your opinion, is every point possible? Does IPFS allow you to do this or notice critical points at some points?
Every advice is appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks.