Avoid hosting of illegal material

I just want to chime in saying that plausible deniability in gnunet is only when some authority is able to crack the encryption of the fragments on your computer, which is not really possible, cause you don’t know the key.

Which is what is already happening with regular HTTP.

I appreciate how people still say that protocols are content agnostic and not subordinated to politics, but in fact it’s the other way around, at least for the latter.

That said, I don’t particularly see IPFS as a specific purpose oriented technology, but rather as a technically improved web, like it is advertised. Something of this nature should be ready for all scenarios we’re describing:

  1. If an internet carrier decides to censor, block or make unavailable specific content, they should be able to do so;
  2. If a government or a company decides to block content in their internal network (assuming there is such thing as a government internal network), then they should be able to do so;
  3. If an individual decides to disobey the above carriers, governments, companies and unblock particular content for viewing or even publishing, then she/he should be able to do so;

Those three are possible today with the Tor protocol, and the way people who doesn’t like one or more of the three scenarios deal with it are through propaganda, activism and otherwise political activity.
Of course, it shall be said that some political activity of some players involves targeting and harassing Tor developers, which in turn demands more political activity from the Tor community. But so far the disagreements on how people should use Tor seem to remain manifested mostly at the cyber war level.

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Which also doesn’t seem to suffice, considering the hard time people which hosts Tor exit nodes have trying to explain that they have no way to block cp or anything in their computers When A Dark Web Volunteer Gets Raided By The Police - YouTube

Whenever you would have to speak to someone non technical about what you’re doing, you’re already entitled to whatever medical procedures your counterpart thinks you need to be subject to.

Do i need necessarily have to run IPFS daemon in order to be a node?or every random user who surf the IPFS websites is considered as a node?

@arni077, you have to run the daemon to be a IPFS node.