Browse STEEM blockchain on IPFS site, using BlockPress

BlockPress is a front end only CMS, themeable and with content modules, that uses only HTML, CSS and JS.

For this reason it makes it potentially quite good for hosting on IPFS.

After some tests I’ve noticed some issues, but I think these can be improved upon with content pre-loading and caching. Also I don’t know how much of the issue currently is due to a lack of seeds.

IPNS Hash: QmafdY2xpTMhqqdF3WajsdQsEkkNN3nDYDTQCurKyDBcph


The strength of BlockPress is that it can create on the fly post listings for blogs on the steem blockchain, you can read articles and comments, and view user profiles. Each of these views is customisable and can be themed to your requirements.

For more info, see our github project page: