Catation & Catation Forever - experiments in IPFS photo sharing

Hi! I just received a permission from my company to publicly share two experiments some of us did over a couple hackathons:

Catation is an experimental app for easy sharing of photo albums with non-tech people, using IPFS. The pitch tagline is “Dropbox for IPFS” , or: “Easily share your cat & vacation photos with your family & friends!” (* dog photos are encouraged as well)

Catation Forever: Herder is an experimental app complementing Catation. It provides a way to easily replicate (copy) or move your photos between various IPFS pinning (i.e. data persistence) services — including a Raspberry Pi or any VPS (by installing a helper app named “pipin”).

Hope you like them — you’re more than welcome to fork them and take in whatever direction you want, obviously as long as you adher to the GPLv3+ license they’re published under! The code is at:

Cheers & Thanks for IPFS!


Weclome back, akavel and what a nice gift for us!

Catation helpfully includes some URL shortening, but unfortunately uses proprietary to accomplish this.

I wonder if you might be able to support Kutt instead/additionally, which is released under a Free licence and also can handle Qr codes?

Polr might be a useful alternative, if kutt is problematic.

That is a great picture with the tiger!