CoDoNS an idea ahead of it's time?

I’ve been looking into ideas around DNS and IPFS. DNSLink is a nice compromise but has the unfortunate dependency on DNS. I was looking for something that might be a better compromise while interoperating with DNS. One of the things I came across was CoDoNS from Cornell University. It’s a bit old but seems to have many parallels to IPFS and maybe was a bit ahead of it’s time. They reference running it on a 120Mhz Pentium. I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it deeply but thought I’d check here to see if anyone was familiar with it or thought about it.

That post is pretty old, 2010, right? Handshake is a current effort to replace centralized DNS and cert authorities with a decentralized one.

The review is from 2010 but I believe that CoDoNS is a bit older. I’m thinking about something that would work with the current DNS system rather than completely replacing it like handshake or ENS.

Oh, gotcha. Not sure what you mean by interoperate? I know handshake falls back to legacy DNS if a given handshake domain doesn’t exist.

As in uses the same namespace and root authority as DNS rather than a completely separate namespace like ENS.