I have an idea, were similar to those existed before, but with few differences.

One of problem with p2p is human-mind problem. Everybody would like to get - nobody would like to give. We could do global measure of given traffic, but it brings a lot of problems. Firstly, someone could joke with system, generating extra coins. Second is people would not share, what they download.

Solution is to allow to create small groups of users, whereas we store coins. Net do not contains information about, who give how much. Communities could do this. For example - I can create family community and attach each part of my family to it. Now, I download photos from another family community. That community would get coins related to my family community, so it would be promoted to higher transfers. When someone from my family download something, each community, which share resources previously with my family will lose coins. Does it is nice? Of course, we must take some additional planing, like allow to download someone, who do not have coins in our community or something similar. Maybe allow to create private or public community. When community is private, only communities added to list could download.

Also, we could gather coins inside community. Take in mind Facebook. I will share my photo on Facebook. When other people download my photo, I will receive Facebook’s community coins. Now Facebook will promote my traffic, but it only applies, when I access Facebook related resources (that do not means, when photography is on some other computer, I must download it from Facebook servers; it means I can download photo A from Facebook servers, Photo creator computer or other computer contains that photo). It means, other community could do not like me like Facebook community or resources on the same PC could been downloaded with different priority If I access it from other community.

Of course, single user could belong to many communities like one community could have many users.

What do you think? I am not P2P network specialist, so sorry if something like this was discuses before.