Dat:// `dcp`-style functionality for encrypted assets

The dat-cp package for the dat:// protocol allows users to securely download assets using a single string variable (e.g. dcp aec070645fe53ee3b3763059376134f058cc337247c978add178b6ccdfb0019f) - any packages with similar functionality for managing encrypted IPFS assets?

(If not, I think this would be a good starter project for me…)

hi ,

see https://docs.ipfs.io/reference/api/cli/#ipfs-get


ipfs get references an ipfs path - I’m looking for a solution that encodes an ipfs path + a decryption string.

i think you develop that :slight_smile:

Planning on it :slight_smile:

Given that the solution will likely rely upon external libraries (gpg/openssl), what are the odds of inclusion within ipfs core…? (e.g. to extend ipfs get)

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