Decentralized media infrastructure with revenue

Ok so can a blockchain record be made of the CID as an NFT for streamers to use when uploading their vidoes, then use a smart contract to keep count of the times video seen with P2PSP while allowing the streamer to pick where an ad or ad free if subscription would play?
Then use a difference blockchain that uploads a users data anonymously to a wallet that allows for targeted ads while keeping the user in control of what data is uploaded?
This would allow for small businesses to by ad time cheaply while still having revenue and targeted ads in a way that decentralizes, protects the users, and has ad revenue.
How difficult would this be to create?
Could it be made to plug and play different media apps with a core infrastructure that allows user censorship?
What would be a fair target amount to fundraise to create such a app and structure?

The same way image NFTs can be copied. Video NFTs can also.

I like the idea of NFTs as collectibles. The content can be free and subsidized by the true fan who buy the NFTs at auctions.

I aslo worked on an idea that would allow NFTs of episodes to be merge into NFTs of seasons (OR song/album etc…). Increasing the rarity and “collectablility”.

The popularity drive the desire for memorabilia and the supply would be just enough so that all fans can get a piece according to the price they want to pay, maximizing revenue.

Ok so you are saying that the idea wouldn’t work because the NFT could simply be copied.
Would this means that the ads couldn’t be counted to ensure the revenue is disbursed or that the subscriptions part wouldn’t work? It would need to be a subscription to use app or free with ads but not both?
Or does that mean that a infrastructure that multiple apps could use wouldn’t work and it would need to be 1 end to end system?

If you want to gatekeep (ask money for content) in any way you need a centralized solution, same with analytics, and that revenue model is also not optimal because the ppl who value the content less than the price set will not buy and those who value it more will pay less than what they would be willing to.

Revenue model for video games have been studied a lot and the same technique can be applied here I argue.

edit: I have nothing against Ads it’s just hard to count the viewers in a decentralized way.

I was thinking the smart contracts could keep that and basically every view would send a percentage to each part that gets something. I also thought the ads could be integrated into the system so that when ads are called it would just ask local net what is here and then run the quick video and the credit% would be sent. Local businesses would get higher priority than ones farther away.

That said i also have close to no idea how a decentralized network works and have been quickly falling behind on everything since windows 10.

The thing is i don’t want a gatekeeper at all i want to allow ads to be uploaded independently and bussnesses pay a small amount each time its viewed up to a preset amount. Then their ad would be de prioritized until they paid the next time

I like the idea of a decentralized marketplace for Ads.

Ok so you built a decentralized network correct?

Does it require a specific app to run and upload?

Can you attach a blockchain ledger to the username that counts the views of content and ads seen?

Have 2 different types of crypto wallets

  1. For user data for targeted ads controlled by user.
  2. For a crypto currency that moves ad revenue from advertisers to content providers

Anyways thanks for the insight