Delegated routing and reframe protocol


I have some questions about delegated routing and how it works.
First of all, delegated routing a.k.a reframe protocol is used to help peers discover various routing hints that enable them to find the content or service they are actually looking for.

I need to know more about the protocol, who maintains the server reframe ?
I need to have a better explanation about the protocol, what problem does it answer?
it is actualy experimental ?

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This protocol isn’t a turn key solution, it’s just an API spec.

No one, there is no central reframe server, we (PL or CAACAA) will probably want to run some at some point but depending on how you implement the things different reframe servers can talk together to shaere info (through indexers, DHT, …).

Many light devices (phones & browsers) cannot run the DHT.
The idea is that instead they would use a few reframe servers, send an HTTP (or something else) request to that server.
That server do the hard work of fetching the info on the DHT (or something else like indexers) and stream you back the response.

It’s also usefull for people that want to microservice (a bit) their IPFS infrastructure.

It’s a new piece of spec & code so yes.


This answer is anwsome thank you !