EnableAutoRelay documentation is super confusing

In addition to the general impression that the documentation on EnableRelayHop is presented in a super confusing way. It gives a description for only three of the possible four configuration settings making me wonder what exactly the fourth setting does.

EnableAutoRelay: false, EnableRelayHop: false => isn’t really explicit but it’s kind of obvious that it turns everything off

EnableAutoRelay: true, EnableRelayHop: false => use public relays

EnableAutoRelay: true, EnableRelayHop: true => act as a public relay

But what about

EnableAutoRelay: false, EnableRelayHop:true => ???

My best guess is it acts as a public relay but will not use other public relays itself but I’m guessing here.

It’s also a little confusing the statement “This option [EnableAutoRelay] does two very different things based on the Swarm.EnableRelayHop” but does it really operate any differently and is it this setting that’s causing that difference unless the unspecified combination works differently than I’ve speculated.

the EnableAutoRelay option will be removed next version :slight_smile:

I just thought it was confusing. You didn’t have to shoot it in the head. Poor EnableAutoRelay :slight_smile:

Is something taking its place or is the whole idea of autoRelay going away?

It’s not you :smiley:

It is replaced by something else:

Btw about :

EnableAutoRelay: false, EnableRelayHop:true => ???

I belive this enable relays but don’t advertise you as one, or in other words it makes you a “private” relay.

With this option random people wont use you as a relay, if they want to use you as relay they would need to add this listen like this (where Qmfoo is your peerid), it might be slightly different it’s a feature very rarely used. :