Error: unable to get token id in tutorial

hey guys,

I went through this tutorial:

When I got to part 1, with this text:

Mint the file

Now we’re going to tokenize our ticket into an NFT. This process is often called minting .

The command threw me this error:
minty mint ~/flight-to-the-moon.txt --name “Moon Flight #1” --description “This ticket serves as proof-of-ownership of a first-class seat on a flight to the moon.”
Error: unable to get token id

Console logged the code and saw it crapped out at this line:
const tokenId = await this.mintToken(ownerAddress, metadataURI)

From here, I went to the github to search issues and found this:

I downgraded the version to 0.8.0 and that still didn’t work.

Any suggestions?