Exchanging a file secured on the blockchain for Dummies

So it looks like this IPFS shindig is a wickedly secure substitute for the cloud and ecommerce combined with any blockchain protocol. But, hit me please,… it’s the economy stupid. How do you set up a product range issuing NFT’s (nft minting I get, really… I’ve a few nfts on a marketplace already with RVN’s helping hand), but then manage nft exchange from the IPFS Desktop. I assumed it would be easy as minting the token with the IPFS hash (CID?: I don’t expect support here for NFT Minting), and file exchange. So I tested a file exchange between two IPFS Desktop applications and was only able to review a file on the browser, not exchange between systems. But the Tx is necessary for my wicked assumption, so please help with exchanging a file secured on a blockchain.