Feature AutoRelay

I am wondering how I can use the new feature AutoRelay.
According to the release notes, it is more or less just set in the configuration
the EnableAutoRelay to true. (Nothing has to be done on a specific server,
at least that what I understood).

So when I have a node with a public IP address (and of course the newest version of IPFS)
and a node behind a NAT (router). After a period of time, the node behind the NAT
should broadcast “relay” addresses (ipfs id comand) when it is connected to the node with
the public IP address.

But here is the issue, sometimes it does and sometimes not (maybe it does, but takes to much time)
So the question is, what has to be done to make it more reliable or speed up the process of advertising
the relay addresses)

Another question is, what are the best options to configure the public IPFS node, so
that it basically just works as a relay server ? (maybe the NoFetch option looks good)


any thoughts here? i’m curious to know the answer to this as well.

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