Hoping to be pointed in the right direction [swarm city, ipfs consortium help]

I want to start off by saying that I am not sure exactly how to ask what I am about to ask. What I am looking for is some guidance and hope of what direction I can look to. My exploration has brought me here as I think that configuration of an IPFS cluster can aid me in accessing my file.

The original project was called swarm.city and I was attempting to access a backup JSON file using a Qm hash through their legacy website, however, it appears the project is on pause at the moment.

Essentially here is my short version of all the info I have/know

I have a Qm hash that connects to a backup of a backup that originally worked, but no longer does since chrome http get no longer works as of version 84. I tried to use ipfs cli commands to no avail as well. I realized that they were working on a ipfs proxy to validate the user (or something). This info can be found here. https://github.com/ipfsconsortium/IPFSConsortiumProxy

Setting up this node to me has not happened yet. I was looking to use a service like ipfs cluster to set that up, and it seems quite complicated, and before I try that I want to ask. I have spent so many hours trying to understand, and anything is helpful.

The support for the project hasn’t responded to me and I don’t know where to go. My fear is I cannot access the file and what I want to know is that based on the information I have provided, will a service like ipfs cluster help me if I were to set up the ipfs consortium proxy? I am reading that there need to be peers, and if the project is paused does that mean that my files are not accessible?

Any insight is helpful. Thanks so much.

From what I understand, the best direction here is to contact ipfsconsortium developers https://github.com/ipfsconsortium/IPFSConsortiumProxy#get-in-touch ?). This is a different project than ipfs-cluster (I don’t know if there was a confusion in the first place, but just to clear that up).

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