How can I find my local server?

Sorry for making a picture. But it’s hard for me to describe what I want in words.

I use Node.js express server

1 - I have two servers.
I host my static site on iPhones.
2 - Nodes are running on the server
3 - One of the servers can be turned off.
4 - The user comes to my site.
5 - The site must make a request to the localhost server.

How can I find my node to get to the local host of my server ?

I’m assuming that the client and Node external are running on a different network, and that Node external is running an IPFS HTTP Gateway, in which case you need some way of making your two servers addressable to the client, with some sort of failover in case one of them goes away.

IPFS has done it’s thing in that Node external has pulled the static site content from Node 1 or Node 2 and served it to the client but at that point you’re running a regular website served over HTTP.

You might host them on the public Internet somewhere behind a load balancer with a domain name, or via Dynamic DNS if this is just your home network for example.

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I don’t have dynamic dns.

I have smartphone and domain.

I want to make a mobile phone a server.