How IPFS can work with actors in scala to execute a peer to peer protocol?

Hi I am experimenting with scala and actors.I want to make a connection with these to actors and exchange some information,for example a simple “Hi actor 1” — “Hi i received your message actor 2”
To work this over IP it is necessary each actor to know the IP and the port of the other actor.I was wondering if I can run the IPFS client in the two actors and make them communicate from there.Is that possible? and if there is Is there any good solution that I haven’t find to do it?Is there any protocol or any good practices that should I follow?

Thanks for your time


To have akka run over ipfs, you would have to write a so-called transport that uses ipfs pubsub. Basically you would have to implement this service provider interface.

Akka comes with its own remoting protocols. The default one used to be based on netty, now they have something called artery that is based on the very efficient aeron project.

It is possible to plug in your own remoting transport. This is even described in the documentation. However, it requires quite some knowledge of akka, so it is not exactly a beginner task. However, I think this would be a very nice project that lots of people would be interested in.

Another thing you can do with IPFS and akka is to use normal aeron transport for your actors, but use IPFS as a side channel for large assets that are used throughout your cluster.




I found this api: Could this help me to have some basic communication between 2 users?

How can help to bring this people together?I dont know much to start this kind of project.