How to associate multiple IPFS nodes

Hey, I’m reading the debt system of BitSwap. If I don’t get it wrong, the debt ratio is calculated per IPFS node. But in my scenario, one person owns a set of devices including TV, computer, and mobile phones. Some of these devices keep sharing data with others for they have sufficient energy supply. But for my mobile phones, they only want to receive data and rarely send data to others. Is there or will there be a debt sharing mechanism so that my other devices(TV, computers) can pay the debts of my mobile phones.

Debt ratio is not currently used for anything, so you don’t have to be concerned about the debt system.

Even when it is implemented, it will prioritize nodes that shared a lot when it’s under heavy load, but it won’t deny data to any node, greedy or not. (By default.)
So there’s nothing to worry about :).

Debt ratio has become as obsolete system. It is better not to worry about it. even under heavy load, it will coagulate or prioritize nodes that are shared immensely. But, it wont deny the data to any nodes. In a nut shell, you will be alright!