How to improve the performance of IPFS cat?

Hi, everyone, I am a newcomer to IPFS.

I use two independent computers to run IPFS daemon, and I want to exchange a file between these two computers.
However, the latency of “ipfs cat” is unbearable.
First, let me introduce the process of exchanging a file between Computer A and Computer B.

Computer A (nodeid: QmZEHEZQkUjb6VnfJw7YVW5ihrJ5Y2w9gk4Mf9kkTtEYxc) adds a new file
Computer-A$ ipfs add test.txt
Computer-A$ added QmTbUUTCXyJyEF57BcvaCm7gbSsvap3GHo8YFnFqXREUn2 test.txt

Computer B wants this new file.
Computer-B$ ipfs cat QmTbUUTCXyJyEF57BcvaCm7gbSsvap3GHo8YFnFqXREUn2
Computer-B$ …
But computer B cannot get the response for a long time.

Then, I try to check whether Computer B finds the targeted Computer A which has test.txt.
Computer-B$ ipfs dht findprovs QmTbUUTCXyJyEF57BcvaCm7gbSsvap3GHo8YFnFqXREUn2
Computer-B$ QmZEHEZQkUjb6VnfJw7YVW5ihrJ5Y2w9gk4Mf9kkTtEYxc
So Computer B can find that Computer A has this file.

Then, I check the ledger for Computer A(QmZEHEZQkUjb6VnfJw7YVW5ihrJ5Y2w9gk4Mf9kkTtEYxc) in Computer B.
Computer-B$ ipfs bitswap ledger QmZEHEZQkUjb6VnfJw7YVW5ihrJ5Y2w9gk4Mf9kkTtEYxc
Ledger for <peer.ID ZEHEZQ>
Debt ratio: 0.000000
Exchanges: 0
Bytes sent: 0
Bytes received: 0

Finally, I want to know the reason account for the high latency of “IPFS cat”, and I wonder how to improve the performance of “IPFS cat”.

Thank you very much!

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That sounds like they’re not exchanging files, period. Can your two computers connect to each other? If they’re both behind (different) NATs or firewalled, they won’t be able to exchange files (yet, we’re working on allowing relays).

On one node, try ipfs ping TheSecondNodesAddr.


@stebalien Thank you very much! I solve this question.