Ideo of diploma project

Hi there! Can you share your opinions on what can be taken for a graduation project around ipfs? I have about a month. Stack NodeJS + React

NodeJS is a server tech.
Servers is the thing we try to avoid in web{3,4}.
I’m not saying you can’t use it, you could make an electron app in react and have each client run nodejs through electron (FYI electron bundles nodejs + chromium runtimes).

For a technical example an app like IPFS Desktop | IPFS Docs would qualify since it has a react front end and a nodejs bundle managing the IPFS node.

A decentralised reddit using electron and a UI in react would fit your example.

However I have doubt about this idea.
Betting a graduation on beta technology (web3 is still really new and not easy to use) and having to learn a whole new software stack sounds like a risky en-devour to me.

BTW if you do end up using IPFS, you should submit this project to a online hackathon.
Then you would receive a reward for your month of work :slight_smile: (if you win obviously, there is often a prize pool that rewards anyone using IPFS or, win prizes vary between hackathons)

You can find our running hackathons there:

Thank you for idea about reddit, do you have some examples of how it looks like (code example)?
I am new in ipfs and I have more questions either answers