Inverse multi-ring cluster topology

I’m really interested in the inverse multi-ring cluster topology described here because it seems like that might fit a use case of ours.

This question might be obvious but I just wanted to clarify how it might work: if overclusters A and B are both pinning the same cid C, and then one of them unpins it, will it get unpinned from the underlying undercluster? Is there a way to guard against this situation?

(For context, our use case is that we want to host lots of datasets, some public and some private. We want to use the same infrastructure for both, and want to allow follower peers for the public ones, but not the private ones. An ideal generalized solution would be if physical clusters could use pin metadata to organize several “logical” clusters or topics, followers could subscribe to just one topic, and each topic could have its own access control policies, etc. If there’s anything similar to this that I’ve missed let me know too!)

Perhaps check . It may be a better approach to handling data from multiple users.

Yes, though a different overcluster should detect that it has been unpinned when it should be pinned, and re-pin it again.

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