IPFS for internal investment project - limited bandwidth

I’m looking to see if IPFS or some of it’s modules can be utilized for one of the internal investments my company has. At a high level, we’re looking to develop a solution which can provide data access to systems which utilize a mobile lossy low bandwidth network. Looking to see if i can get a quick meeting with some of the developers to discuss in more detail what we’re looking to do.

You’ll need give us some more detail on what you’re trying to build.

we have adhoc broadcast networks roughly with 20-40kbps throughput. We’re looking to send data through those networks. Most of the data i would describe as being services (i.e. map, location, etc) trying to be vague on purpose here since it is an internal investment. mostly looking to see if i can have a 30 minute discussion with some of the developers to go over things in detail.