Ipfs has a server that helps in communication?

In the torrent it is possible to use a tracker server which is a server that helps in the communication between two computers that use the P2P protocol.
I would like to know that ipfs has a server that helps in communication ?

Hello to answer your question the only central servers that are used in IPFS are the hosts included in the bootstrap peer list used for making the initial connection from a node to the network however even those can be edited and replaced with your own list, so as long as you know the address of other IPFS nodes you don’t even need them.

As for facilitating communications between nodes, IPFS uses a Kademlia based DHT (Distributed Hash Table) to build its routing table, which is kind of similar to how trackerless torrents where implemented in the BitTorrent protocol. IPFS then uses the Bitswap protcol for exchanging blocks of data between peers.

To sum it up succinctly, no central servers are not used to facilitate communications between peers on IPFS.

Hope this helps.

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