Is it possible to post a bounty for an IPFS integration with Handshake?

Hey IPFS community,

Is it possible to post a bounty for a PR or are there any recommendations you might have for encouraging developers to work on one?

I’d like to work with a developer who can help integrate Handshake with IPFS (here’s the issue and specs: Implement "fallback" resolver · Issue #8173 · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub).

For context, Handshake is a blockchain that was specifically built for DNS — it does not seek to decentralize the entire Domain Name System and rather focuses on decentralizing the storage and control of the root zone file, with the ultimate goal of replacing Certificate Authorities.

This integration would make it possible for any IPFS users to automatically resolve Handshake domains, which helps decentralize the Internet stack since you can’t have a dWeb without a decentralized naming layer.

Thanks a million!