⚡️ JS IPFS v0.41.0 RELEASE

No sleeping in the jungle tonight because js-ipfs 0.41 :lion: just escaped from the zoo and is roaming around the local module store! You’re simultaneously excited and alarmed, but it won’t stop you having a :eyes:

…but what do you see as you peer over the red walls of the npm website? An angry beast terrorising the innocent users? No, the lion has found a meerkat and a warthog and they’re…they’re…SINGING?

:notes: In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight!

:notes: async await, async await, async await, async await…

The Lion Sleeps - YouTube

Yes friends, js-ipfs 0.41 has finally shipped with two major highlights:

  1. Async Await refactor
  2. UnixFS v1.5

Using async/await in JavaScript is gaining a lot of traction in the ecosystem and is rapidly becoming the de facto way of writing idiomatic JS. We want js-ipfs to move with the times and continue to be attractive to contributors by using modern JS features, techniques and practices. The big idea with these changes is for the code to be easier to contribute to, easier to understand, easier to maintain, and be faster and smaller than ever.

This is a significant milestone for js-ipfs , please read the release notes for this version, which explains in detail what the changes are and why they’re so important:

Also check out the blog post that introduces the changes and motivations for the big async/await refactor:

It was a huge endeavour and we learned some things so I blogged about that too:

:heart: to all the contributors who helped make this release, you know who you are!

Enjoy :kissing_heart:

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Super exciting stuff, looking forward to using this!