Kicking off the Content Addressed Alliance Working Group, Intro yourself

We hosted a session at #communities:ipfs-thing-2022 presenting the concept:

Here are the slides from the talk: Content Addressed Alliance

We’ll be inviting people to join us here (join the group to get started), and then use this thread to introduce themselves and their interest.

We’ll schedule a live intro call in the coming weeks, where we’ll get everyone introduced, share goals, and see about putting more collaboration in place. Leave a comment if you’re interested in attending the first call.


Hello and :bird: CAACAA!,

Thanks @expede and @boris for kicking off this initiative :confetti_ball: :boom:

I’m a Developer Advocate for IPFS. I’m interested in app development, decentralised software, and developer tools amongst other things.

I’m excited about how this initiative can bring together many of the individuals and organisations using content-addressing to increase awareness about the challenges we are facing as a community and to create a place to ideate and implement solutions collectively.


Count me in. I’m working within IPFS Stewards team, focusing on surfacing content-addressing in various places across IPFS stack and beyond (HTTP Gateways, Browsers, pinning services, native clients, GUIs).

Very interested in figuring out ways we can create more robust commons for IPFS ecosystem: spec-driven development, sharing responsibility for things like bootstrappers used by popular clients, or standardizing most popular operations (prewarming IPFS caches, uploading content-addressed data from light clients that can’t speak p2p) etc.