Linux computer can't get data that is stored in windows computer

i am using js-ipfs and specifically i am using MFS.

if i upload data from my linux computer and then pull the data using the CID on my windows computer, my windows computer has no issues and it works. i can view the data on my windows computer. the problem is vice versa, i can not view data that is stored on my windows computer on my linux pc. so if i upload data from my windows computer and use the CID on my linux computer, i am not able to pull/read the data.

so linux to windows works, but windows to linux doesn’t work.

i am using

tl;dr: when i use on windows, it works. when i use on my linux computer it doesn’t work.

here is the issue link on linux does not read data stored in windows · Issue #4140 · ipfs/js-ipfs (

the error is get on my linux computer is the following

TimeoutError: request timed out at maybeThrowTimeoutError(file:///home/name/Proj/hybrid-browser/node_modules/ipfs-core-utils/src/with-timeout-option.js:41:15) at file:///home/name/Proj/hybrid-browser/node_modules/ipfs-core-utils/src/with-timeout-option.js:97:9 at runNextTicks (node:internal/process/task_queues:61:5) at process.processTimers (node:internal/timers:499:9) at async file:///home/name/Proj/hybrid-browser/node_modules/ipfs-core/src/components/files/utils/create-lock.js:33:18 at async /home/name/Proj/hybrid-browser/node_modules/chunk-fetch/index.js:211:22 at async fetch (/home/name/Proj/hybrid-browser/node_modules/make-fetch/index.js:35:9) at async AsyncFunction.protocolHandler (/home/name/Proj/hybrid-browser/app/protocols/fetch-to-handler.js:49:24)

any ideas?

You can debug it with wireshark and see what happened

we can close this, data now loads on linux from windows. it takes a long time to load, but it still loads.