Need help! IPFS Swarm connect failure between two networks

Great, let me know if you have any further issues

I learned AutoNAT feature today:

This release uses Automatic NAT Detection (AutoNAT) - determining if the node is reachable from the public internet - to make decisions about how to participate in IPFS. This subsystem is used to determine if the node should store some of the public DHT, and if it needs to use relays to be reached by others.

@vasco-santos so, Does js-ipfs implement it? If it does, Can I rely on this feature to connect two ipfs nodes between two networks?

We don’t have AutoNAT in the JS implementation currently. We will be working on NAT related improvements over this year, but not sure about timelines yet

@vasco-santos Regarding relay-server, I have one more question, Why do I need discovery protocol enabled?

You might not need, it depends on your use case. Imagine you have a chat webapp, where peers have a set of relays working as bootstrap nodes. You will probably want these peers to discover and be connected to each other. Having the discovery enabled will allow this out of the box