Phishing site on

Are ipfs aware of the phishing site its hosting?

It would be nice if the mail was working or if there was some contact info on the website.

I hope it will removed soon

Regards Anders

Refer the following thread for the same complaint. Pretty explained.

That will only be useful for admins to block the cid on their gateway only. The page still be accessible from other gateways.

Thanks, I was not aware that ipfs is peer network (I did not hear about it before my phishing case), that makes it hard to find out who actually host the phishing site :-/

I guess the best I can then is to block the entire network in the firewall :-/
But that will only protect onprem users.


Rather, I would suggest to block the path rather than whole service.
IPFS is good service. But just because of some nasty users, we should not expel the whole IPFS network.

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