Pogoplug IPFS Server

As home servers are want to be created, my IPFS started out as a VM, then a USB stick on a laptop, and finally an old Pogoplug I had lying around. It had already been rooted, but I lost the password. I started searching for documentation on how to rescue this little server, and I found a link to a 2013 post on the pogoplug website. Alas, Cloud Engines is long gone, and the site is extinct. So, an IPFS server never gets created because IPFS wasn’t around to save its hardware guide!

Clarence: “Every man on that transport died! Harry wasn’t there to save them, because you weren’t there to save Harry.”
– It’s A Wonderful Life

Happy ending: As the OS was Arch on a USB stick, I was able to pull it out, fix the file system, and add a public ssh key to the authorized_keys file. Rebooted with the stick, installed ipfs, and now that job is being served by a power efficient device.