REST Fest UK featuring

Hi all!

REST Fest UK is in just a few weeks (sorry for only just making it here…) and our featured keynoter is Irina Boychevsky of http;//

REST Fest is an unconference styled event where “everyone talks; everyone listens.” We’re now in our 8th year and our 2nd visit to the UK. We’re finding the expansion across the water a bit tricky, so we’re offering 50% off discount codes to various communities in the area or related to redecentralization. Use RESTFESTUK17 to get 50% off.

Also, once you’ve signed up, write up a bit about yourself on the wiki and pitch your 5-in-5 (everyone gets at least one of these), Session talk (30+ minutes), or Stack Day (30+ minute) talks. There’s loads more info on the REST Fest Wiki.

Lastly, the hack day (on Thursday) is centered around open data and decentralization. If you’ve got experience in regional open data projects especially in connection with IPFS and friends, we’d love to see demos, hack together, etc!

If you can’t make it and just really like the idea, we’d also love the “air support” on Twitter or any other social network you might be enjoying (or not…) at the moment. :smiley_cat:

Thanks for the time, all!