Sharing protocol (not IPFS)


Okay so I wrote a quick startup guide, I hope you can get through it :-), here it comes:

All data that needs downloading is stored here:

  1. Download the tenfingers binaries (Python included):

Windows (10): tenfingers_win10_20200427-21h16m.tar.gz

Linux: tenfingers_20191215-19:00:53.tar.gz

  1. Extract to some folder.

These upcoming steps are command lines, I do those in a shell each but do as you like (especially listener & scheduler, so that you can stop them easily):
For windows you have to add the .exe part, so running setup becomes setup.exe (./setup on Linux).

Run once only:
3) setup

  1. Update the config.json with your local IP and PORT

NOTE: You will need to forward your PUBLIC IP (& PORT) to this IP:PORT address
(example: your internet box has some IP (do a “whats My IP” in FireFox), your PC has say (ipconfig /all on windows, ifconfig on Linux), say you choose port 5000; you now need to froward to in your internet box)

Start the “server” part:
5) Start listener
6) start scheduler

Now your system doesn’t have any entry points to a tenfinger network, but just using an existing link gets you just that (plus the data of course!):

Download: test.10f and put it in the same folder as the binaries.


./get_data_from_link test.10f

./get_data_from_link.exe test.10f

and you should get a “Success: retrieved data.” plus a little file!

Check out the usage instructions.txt for more information (how to publish, update data etc.).

Now, this is all experimental stuff, so it’s likely things might not work out on the first try, if so, please do tell what’s not working so I can fix it/update things!

Cheers and thanks!