Using SPHINCS+ sha256-256f in IPLD Graph Data

We’re interested in using the SPHINCS+ sha256 hash algorithm for some post-quantum encryption experiments on encrypted data in IPFS using the dag-cbor format. Is there a how-to about implementing this? FYI, we are explicitly talking about line 17 here:

Here is the pdf about SPHINCS+
More information about post-quantum crypto from NIST (USA-GOV agency)

Specifically we are interested in using SPHINCS+ sha256-256f because we need the HMAC derivation and don’t want to wait 15 minutes to save a few bytes. Further, Latacora does not even mention the shake algorithm, which makes me very wary of it…

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I guess you are using the JavaScript version and not the Go version.

If you want to add a new hash algorithm to js-ipld you’d need to add it to the underlying library that is used for hashing, which is

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