Why doesn't IPLD allow IPNS links?

I have a quick question that I was curious about. Is there a particular reason that IPLD doesn’t support IPNS links?

I asked the same thing not long ago and the answer I got is something like this.

IPNS allow mutable data, which means you can’t traverse the graph predictably.

I guess you could implement traversal that can fail but I don’t think that’s part of IPLD.

Someone with more experience could explain it better. Sorry.

Makes sense. Thanks. I had’t thought that there would be no way to know that there was an IPNS link in the traversal then it would be super confusing if you expected something immutable and got something different. Might have been nice to have an explicitly mutable path traversal like some sort of flag that said, “yup it’s cool if there’s a IPNS link in the traversal”