0.18.0-rc1 relay not work

Today I tried to use the new version 0.18.0-rc1 and found a problem
My two nodes are behind different NATs, and another bootstrap node has PublicIP, the three nodes with same version

In version 0.17.0, nodes behind NAT can discover each other through relays (but cannot exchange data)

when I switch to version 0.18.0-rc1,and re-init, the nodes behind NAT cannot discover each other through the relay

re-open the issue
0.18-rc1, relay does not work !!

when I switch back to 0.17.0 , relay work again

what “discover each other but cannot exchange data” means ?

Are you ipfs iding them ?

A node and B node each behind different NAT

at A node ,run ipfs id <B's id> can get address information of B node, and ipfs swarm connect <B's multiaddress> success and ipfs swarm peers show the B node mulitaddress with p2p-circuit , however, A can not ipfs cat <cid from B> from B node. same as B node!

Thank you very much for your answer

I want to use IPFS to develop a simple remote work app for small workgroups.

In most cases, the workgroup member’s network is either home or office, both of which are behind NAT.

When I use IPFS on the same local network as my members, it works very well.

But when we gets home, most of the time, members can’t share files with each other and can’t communicate through pubsub. Occasionally, communication through pubsub is possible a few times, but it is also easy to disconnect halfway.

To do this, I set up my own public IP nodes as a bootstrap nodes, remove all default bootstrap nodes, and let other nodes set bootstrap nodes as my own public IP nodes and connect to this public IP node, but it still didn’t work.

I’ve seen other posts that mention that pinning or pubsub on a public IP node with the same topic allows nodes after NAT to get data, it works, but this looks a lot like c/s mode.

I also considered using orbitdb to create a distributed database on public IP nodes, but this would introduce single-fail nodes and look like a standard C/S application.

Is it an issue with my configuration? Or am I misunderstanding the use case of IPFS?

Is there any way to solve the node p2p communication with symmetric NAT?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions