2021 Roadmap for IPFS: Is this still a thing?

In December 2020, the community was asked to propose priorities for the development of IPFS for 2021 on GitHub.

There were a lot of proposals.
A decision was to be taken by mid-january.
But the Roadmap hasn’t been updated, and blog.ipfs.io hasn’t published an announcement.

Was the priority for 2021 chosen/announced? Is there one?
I think @molly was the lead on this.

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Maybe @stebalien or @lidel have some insight on this?

I have the same remark. IPFS has released a lot of good stuff! Like this: go-ipfs 0.8.0, and Remote Pinning, is here!

However, I do not need any planning or roadmapping taking place anymore? Ps. I also came-up with a proposal.

Thanks for calling this out @Akita. We’ve been so busy doing that we’ve under communicated where we’re headed. There’s a ton of work in progress across the ecosystem on these roadmap proposals to summarize, and also some new areas (like NFTs!) that are exploding and bringing a ton of new opportunities. Will work on prioritizing the 2021 blog post (and update to the roadmap repo) ASAP to communicate that.

TLDR for the meantime is:

Also lots of opportunity for many of the roadmap proposals to be backed by community grants. I know PL has already funded a few, and other ecosystem funds around Filecoin are also looking for proposals. Will summarize the current list with open grants/RFPs across sources in that blog post too!


I’m glad to read that, since most projects tend to do the opposite. :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to the blog post. :slight_smile:

I am very looking forward! @molly If you could need a hand in supporting the roadmap communication and planning process just let me know!

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@molly is there an update available on the roadmap topic? If you could need help in updating the roadmaß, feel free to reach out!

@molly is there any update on the roadmap? Has it been usurped by something else?

I’m very interested to understand direction and priorities etc. There’s loads of good stuff in the “future goals” section of the current repo, but given it was updated so long ago, it gives the appearance that the project might be dead (which clearly it isn’t). I don’t think it’s good to keep it in its current state.

Hey folks! The IPFS stewards team is working on a public notion roadmap as a more up-to-date view on this work, but for now I recommend checking out the GitHub project board for what’s in upcoming releases: Go IPFS Stewards (PL EngRes) · GitHub

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