Announcing: IPFS Community Roundtable

Hi Everyone -

My name is Reid, and I’ve recently joined Protocol Labs to help support IPFS. I’m incredibly excited to be working in this space and on this project specifically. I know I’ll be meeting a lot of you both at IPFS Camp and over the coming months, and I’m looking forward to it.

With that quick intro done, I’ll get down to business. I’ve heard some people suggest that it could be really valuable to use some focused time at IPFS Camp to get this community together to talk about the future of IPFS.

Where & When?

This session will be called the IPFS Community Roundtable” and it’s slotted to happen on the afternoon of Sunday 10/30 as part of IPFS Camp.

Possible discussion topics

  • The Kubo stewards team has put together a draft roadmap that we want to get your help in developing

  • Community engagement - what gets in the way of contributing to IPFS? What barriers can we remove? What can make builders more productive and effective? How can we make decision making more shared/collaborative?

  • Use cases - what if we considered identifying a handful of really powerful IPFS use cases, and increased focus on improving those use cases? What use cases would make the most sense to focus on?

The above topics are things that have been discussed a lot in various contexts over the last few days, but are by no means comprehensive.

Are these the right topics for us?
Any other big topics that would be good to make time for?

Please use this thread to discuss!


Adding to this, proposed roadmap from IPFS Stewards has been submitted as a PR to collect community input. Add IPFS Stewards Roadmap by guseggert · Pull Request #93 · ipfs/roadmap · GitHub


Very excited about this session.


Really appreciate the discussion, all.


I look forward to working and improving things at the IPFS community :raised_hands: Thank you to everyone who joined. It was great hearing all the insights from everyone who attended. I asked for the Twitter handles, so if you’re not interested in sharing your Twitter handle even after you’ve shared it, let me know. I’ll post a video and some pictures on Twitter.


Hi all,

Thanks again for putting on the roundtable Roundtable and for all participating and sharing your unique insights.

I got a lot from this, main takeaway was into how and where people communicate to get feedback, learn and grow projects. This was super insightful for the project we are working on.
See here for the Github repo outlining the project. (As promised to @boris)

A little about the project:

We provide a voyeur’s window into the clash between today’s technology titans and those building the three dimensional age. Through the eyes of those at the heart of creating it and those experiencing the shifts in culture it is driving.

Positioning the Ecosystem as the place to discover, learn and build the next generation of the Internet.

If anyone would like to provide feedback, builds or other, please reach out here, or to me directly or comment on the Github repo.


I enjoyed the session and look forward to getting more involved with the community.

@wilkyr31d – I know it’s early, and you just got back to Seattle today, but – when should we expect an update? Are there any action items I, or the community, could be taking on?


Thanks so much @wilkyr31d and the team for organising this roundtable session!

I think it was great that you ran it in this particular format - it was clear how much you care for taking your partners’ feedback and suggestions in, as well as how open you are to sharing your plans and challenges.

We’ve been using IPFS for a long time in Ceramic and have been appreciating our partnership a lot! Looking forward to making it ever more efficient, as our products and teams grow :slight_smile: !


Hi @wilkyr31d, no pressure, but I’m leaving a note here if you can later share the notes from the meeting.


I enjoyed and appreciated this session at the end of IPFS camp! These sorts of higher level discussions are important to have on a regular basis. Let’s all strive to keep in mind the perspective of the “normal” people who live outside of our tech bubbles as we push forward work that will hopefully impact them!

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Hey thanks everyone for the feedback on the session; I’m really glad it was useful to people. @autonome took great notes during the meeting, which I’ve PR’ed into the Community repo/

My intention is that we can build from here a model of consistent and frequent engagement amongst this community, and help make all parts of the IPFS project much more open. This is just a start. There’s a lot of learning for me as I get my feet under me in the world, and so I really appreciate the feedback others have graciously shared, and welcome more.

I’d like to get a thread started soon on ways to continue community building/engagement, if no one beats me to it will do that over the next week.

Thanks - Reid
Twitter/Discord/Github: @wilkyr31d