First IPFS Community meetup of 2021 takes place on Friday, Jan 22!

Join us as we kick off 2021 with some very big plans!

Our featured speakers this month will be Kadir Topal and David Choi from the IPFS planning team, who will be giving us an update on what’s in store for the project this year along with a breakdown of our planning process.

We will also be getting an update from Dr. Ian Preston, of Peergos, a decentralised protocol and open-source platform for storage, social media and applications. Last year Peergos was the recipient of the EU Next Generation Internet grant, so we can’t wait to hear what their plans include for 2021.

Leandro Barbosa of Voodfy, decentralized video hosting platform, will be speaking about the mad science of combining video + IPFS, plus we’ll also have Matt Wisniewski give us an introduction to Vault74, a decentralized chat and collaboration platform built on top of IPFS.

You don’t want to miss our first meetup of 2021. Register to attend at Kick off the New Year with IPFS | Meetup

Like all IPFS community events, this event abides by the IPFS Community Code of Conduct, which you can read in full here: community/ at master · ipfs/community · GitHub

got in too late!

have you re-considered jitsi instead of zoom yet?

For those who missed it and want to watch it: IPFS Meetup - January 2021 - YouTube

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