Join the IPFS Community at the February Virtual Meetup!

During 2021, IPFS Community meetups will take place each 4th Tuesday of the month!

This month’s featured speakers for the IPFS Monthly meetup include:

Leon Do – From hackathon to Tachyon
How building an IPFS game for a hackathon can turn into a startup.

Ilya Kreymer – Creating Web Archives directly in your browser with
Ilya will demo high-fidelity web archiving using the browser extension, and talk about how web archives created in the browser can be directly shared with others using an experimental feature using js-ipfs in the browser. Also covered: special optimizations for sharing archives on-demand, and current limitations of the system.

Viktor Valastin – Shaping the future beyond NFT on Polkadot using Vue, Textile, and IPFS
RMRK is a new concept for creating NFTs on Substrate chains and one of them is the Kusama network. However, fetching NFTs from the chain can be exhaustive for nodes and can take too much time. KodaDot is working on the RMRK gallery using distributed ThreadDB database from Textile and IPFS to pin metadata for the NFT to deliver a smooth user.

Registration is REQUIRED to attend, so please register today!