Planning the Project & Community track at IPFS Camp

We are planning the Project & Community track for the coming IPFS Camp and we want to hear from you what you think should be in it — even if you’re not attending.

We’ve broken it down into three sections:

IPFS: Invidious Presentations and Feuding Session

The goal of this section is to stir things up: we want 3-5 thought-provoking presentations, ~10m each, followed by joint discussion/reflection. Note that when we say provoking, we mean it.

Example talk ideas include:

  • We Need To Talk: Breaking Up IPFS
  • Is Iroh The New IPFS?
  • CIDv7 When?
  • Does IPFS Need A Product?
  • Have You Talked To A User Lately?
  • Renaming everything
  • Decentralization Is Bad, Actually
  • Beyond Phishing and Hentai: What Are Gateways For?

Governing the Commons

  • Public Utilities WG – adding community stakeholders, governance process to steward the Amino/mainnet public network
  • Which standards where?
  • How do we converge on a shared subset of IPFS that’s interoperable?

Info Session

  • IPFS Implementations Fund retro
  • IPFS Core Fund update
  • Fundraising & business panel from companies
  • Fireside chat w/ Funding the Commons?

Thoughts? Screams? Volunteering for a talk? Let us know what you want to see!


In the “governing the commons” section, I think the public network and utilities is one of the best candidates to truly “exit to community”. As IPFS transitions out of Protocol Labs incubation, there’s a good opportunity to ensure users and community leaders — particularly ones using the public utilities to improve digital human rights and access to information — have seats at the table to set future goals for availability, privacy, and other aspects of the network.

I love the salty presentations idea. There are lots of and I think some strong opinions, loosely held, can be a good way to open up some challenging conversations. I’m interested in preparing or contributing to the “We Need To Talk” topic.

could we consider some call to actions that have varying weights to them (from say I can do this right now in 2 mins to this might take 2 years) and see if we can get some community willing to be the change to whats not working for them…