504 Gateway Timeout

Whenever i try to run this https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmbp2fnxF2PGdP5jBNt4PE5BjCATWwcg97yQr6eW4i6BkS. It always gives 504 gateway time out error nginx. How to fix this?

Have you tried to:

  1. Upgrade to latest IPFS
  2. Use a different gateway
  3. Connect directly to a different gateway (ex: Orion peers are connected directly to siderus.io gateway)

Where did that hash come from? There also needs to be at least one node online that has the content for that hash.

Because ipfs dht findprovs Qmbp2fnxF2PGdP5jBNt4PE5BjCATWwcg97yQr6eW4i6BkS returns nothing, it seems like at least part of the solution is going to require getting a node with the content online.

I agree,
What I have noticed is that ipfs.io connections are super slow or fetching content is impossible.
A direct connection with the gateway solves the issue: sometimes findprovs does not give anything unless peers are “easier” to discover. (a direct connection solves that)

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This hash was generated after i published my file on ipfs.

Not able to run it on Orion also.

What commands did you use to publish the file? Is your IPFS daemon running?

Try hosting the file on different nodes and then connecting to one of those nodes (with the pinned file) using the "ipfs swarm connect " command. Another way to do it is deploy 4-5 servers for each file (yourself) or get your friends to join along your single node like we have in our discord to host each other’s files.

Another critical factor here is port forwarding. Try to ipfs swarm connect the original node with another node to see if it’s active on the IPFS network. Short guide on port forwarding

short video on it

One last thing, I suggest using high ports as most ISP block or shape lower ports. We use 40,000+ .
(the projects used in the discord screenshot)

I used the following command:
ipfs name publish HASH CODE

Will try this out.
Thank You

Your daemon needs to be running in order for other nodes (including the gateway) to retrieve content from your node.

The publish command you posted is unrelated to the URL in your original post. That’s for publishing to IPNS. But your link is to an IPFS hash.

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We just published an elaborate blog post about using IPFS gateways and troubleshooting such problems. I recommend checking this out if you come across some of these content publishing problems: A Practical Explainer for IPFS Gateways - Part 2 | IPFS Blog & News

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