About filecoin mining

Is there anyone know which channel could talk about filecoin mining and discuss how to build 1000 T storage server in cheapest way



That’s a great question. @jbenet @whyrusleeping what are your thoughts about where technical discussions among Filecoin miners should happen? We do want to support that community but don’t want to do it in the IPFS discourse.

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i meet the same the problem,who can give a answer

How come? You could just start a #filecoin category and then once it outgrows the IPFS community you can export it and put it in its own dedicated forum.

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makes sense, it will also give people who are interested in Filecoin exposure to IPFS and vice versa…


A lot of people knows about Filecoin and not about IPFS. ICO probably will bring more speculators in the community… hopefully it will turn out to be a good thing :slight_smile: Probably that is why they are not answering technical questions or adding a Filecoin-related topic in this forum

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We want to keep them completely separate from the start. The Filecoin mining community is already very distinct from IPFS users, but more importantly the world around Filecoin (cryptocurrencies, ICOs, etc) is a much noisier space with a lot of vitriol. While there are inoccuous Filecoin topics like buying hard drives to build your storage mine, Filecoin miners will also need the freedom to discuss topics like sale economics and token valuation. Topics like those attract a special kind of troll and they can get ugly fast. We want to shelter the IPFS community from that distraction – those discussions are essential to Filecoin but they are not essential to IPFS. Obviously many people will participate in both communities but they wil be distinct communities with distinct priorities and distinct norms.

The main limiting factor on spinning up an official Filecoin forum is the need for dedicated moderators - the Filecoin forums will require much more attention and moderation than the IPFS forums. The Filecoin team are still busy running the token sale. When that’s finished they will be able to regroup, assign moderators, and spin something up.


There’s a filecoin subreddit that has quite a bit of filecoin-related discussion.

However, if you’re just trying to build a 1 PB storage array I’d maybe look at either the homelab or datahoarder subreddits.

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Yes, me too, I am looking for buiding 1~2 PB storage. For now, there no information to know.
want to know how to do it ?

Agreed that there are probably better storage-racker specific forums and subreddits for this particular topic. After all, most Bitcoin miners were probably on general CPU/GPU clustering forums well before they had dedicated mining rig topics.

In hopes to shortcut this particular question by providing a comprehensive but brief answer, looking up the latest BackBlaze open pod configuration is generally the fastest way to find examples at scale in production use, at the lowest practical hardware costs:


They also regularly post updates on their real-world MTBF and cost of operation stats on all the hard drives they test and utilize internally, which is far more trustworthy data than any vendor provided stats:



There are storage servers with a large number of drive bays ( from 24 to 72 bays). We use them in video surveillance, broadcasting and other industries for several years. These servers are also stable. I believe they are cheap and we can use them to build the large capacity filecoin mining environment.

I can’t say much here because I don’t want to be an advertising publisher. I am an IPFS fan. If you are interested in the storage servers, you can send a mail to me to discuss the hardware configuration. The mailbox is paul###storswift.com. (Please use @ to replace ###).

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it’s a good question.one 8TB harddisk cost 200$. then you can get the answer.