Abuse on IPFS Service

abuse on your service
already report on email but no response
i hope IPFS team having a better response on report like this and disable html rendering in accessing html file

How long has it been since you’ve emailed abuse@ipfs.io?

an hour ago, but i hope there is a notification that the report is received and information that the phishing page has been removed or not

another one again

I’m going to contact them and ask them if they’d consider adding an auto-replyer. I understand it can feel awkward getting no response at all from an email.

Hello, emails are received and acted upon after review. Not everyone gets an answer though, and it is not a 24/7 thing where someone is acting on things by the minute they are received.

I’m not sure if autoresponder would work, since there are some forwardings involved and abuse reports are received on different email addresses (some people scraped the wrong ones from WHOIS), but would be good to have. In any case, they are received.

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Ah I figured it could be one of those auto-responders like “Hey, we got your email, you may or may not get a reply later depending on the action taken, but please rest assured your report has been received.”

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another abuse again