Accessing the same account from another computer

Is it possible to access the same “account” (I’m not sure with the term) using my peer ID to another computer?

You could but bad things would happen if you used the same peer ID on multiple computers at the same time. What’s your end-goal here?

No not at the same time. Like when I upload files then I can see on my webui easily all of it including their hashes. Then let’s say I go to the other computer and I want to see all the files that I uploaded previously from the first computer then obviously the choice I have is to use the same peerID that I used when I uploaded the files. If that is possible then how can I do it?

Ah, so, there is no “upload” or account in this sense. When you add a file to IPFS, you’re making it available to the network but it isn’t moving anywhere. Think of it like adding a file to a bittorrent client.

but that means I have to remember the path or the hash?

Yes you could remember the path/hashes. For a local instance, you might see what is pinned to know what you’ve added. For a remote instance, I’m not sure if a command is exposed that interrogates nodes for what data they have, but even then you’d need to prune top-level hashes and they would have no context (no file names).