Adding IPFS support to Known Publishing System

Hi there, just a note that I’m working with the Known developers to add IPFS support for data storage:

I’m trying to standardize blob storage in IPFS for the data I create. Feel free to drop in and make suggestions. And look forward to an IPFS enabled Known!

what is the benefit do you want to get from this.

The first plugin is ready to go:

Uploaded images are stored and served from IPFS.

Independently I’ve cleaned up references to static assets so they too can be served from IPFS.

@rogerlzp - the benefit I want to see is Known instances should reinforce each other by using IPFS. For example each instance creates thumbnails for comments with the same set of images. Using IPFS means that duplicated data gets served more effectively.

Eventually there’s more that can be done with storing some of the raw post data inside IPLD, but we’ll explore that later…