After deleting files from ipfs local node it is still available on local node

I have removed my pinned content from my IPFS node Which is running in at this IP using this command.

*ipfs* pin rm $YOUR_HASH then
ipfs repo gc

But it is still available through this IP how can i delete it permanently?$YOUR_HASH
At least from my node?

@arunwebber there are two reasons I can think of why that execution pattern might have resulted in you seeing the data.

  1. Going to that URL caused IPFS to go download the data from someone else who has a copy which is why it’ll show up
  2. You’ve also recursively pinned another object which contains that one (e.g. you pinned both a file and a directory containing that file but only unpinned the file)

As far as I remember I didn’t pinned the folder only the file. Is there any way to remove this? I am concerned about the bandwidth usage because that file is heavy in size. Also If I execute the command.
*ipfs* pin rm $YOUR_HASH
I is showing me an error
Error: not pinned or pinned indirectly
After that I execute
ipfs repo gc
On the console I could see it is removing a lot of pins from my repo. This keeps happening at any time I excecute ipfs repo gc.