All-in-one Docker image with IPFS node best practices

First PoC success :tada:

‘Happy path’ PoC-complete:

  1. Deployed to Akash (my cloud of choice for this test & costs 3$/month - let’s see :yum:), adding my note3 did in TRUSTED_DIDS env (which not checked yet)
  2. Created a UCAN & used this code in our browser app to PUT a CAR file via the proxy to the Kubo node
  3. retrieved it via the Kubo Gateway (demo link)

Open questions

I’ve added some feature ideas & questions to the repo - what I deem relevant to this thread:

  1. Is hosting a public gateway a good idea?
    • Can/will it be abused? (probably)
    • is it a problem? (e.g. fetching data and no GC - full disk, hosting, but also responsibility for content)
    • Option 1: Gateway only serves pinned/stored data (NoFetch)
    • Option 2: Use Gateway through ucan proxy (bit finnicky, but might make some use-cases possible)
    • Option 3: Disable Gateway, and fetch via own Kubo or public GW only… kinda defeats the purpose :sweat_smile:
  2. Implement pinning API on the proxy? (or even as an extra storage?)
    • Instead of “just” API for uploading (e.g. via CAR-file) - I thought we might as well add pinning possibility. (PoC already implemented) This allows to pin someone else’s data on “your” server.
    • but how much of the pinning API is relevant/useful

Would be happy about feedback :slight_smile:
(to the general strategy of this concept, but also specific parts)