I want to run a IPFS public node

Hello, Everybody,.
I want to run lPFS public node through my PC.
I would be grateful for the help what i have to do to run my machine as IPFS public gateway.

Check out IPFS Desktop: IPFS Desktop | IPFS Docs

Thank you for the reply.
I am running the ipfs daemon in local machine, Its working perfectly fine. But I want to make public with domain.

In order to make your local node available publicly, you will need to do the following:

  • Find out your public IP, you can do so with curl ifconfig.me or visiting https://ifconfig.me/
  • Find out if you are behind NAT because you are connected with a router, you will want to forward an external port to port 8080 on your machine (this is the port that the Kubo gateway is listening on by default)
  • Point a DNS record (of your domain) to your public IP address

What’s your goal by running a public gateway?

We are providing CDN services for the client from IPFS and Filecoin.

By default Kubo will listen on 8080 as a local gateway. You can make it public fairly easily by slapping a reverse proxy in front of it. You can even setup an auth at this layer if needed (otherwise you might find your gateway getting pretty popular).

Assuming you’re running a VPS, you’ll also likely want to run using the server profile as well so Kubo doesn’t scan the local networks (which tends to upset the VPS providers). This can be accomplished via a simple ipfs config profile apply server. Info about profiles here: Configure profile | IPFS Docs.

You can find more information about gateways here: IPFS Gateway | IPFS Docs.