How to set up a public IPFS gateway at a custom domain name?

Hi to all,

I have a server and wish to setup it as an IPFS node. Would you please help me in setting up a public IPFS gateway at a custom domain name ( for example “…” )?

Thanks in advance,

You’ll need to be more specific.

  • What server software are you using?
  • What exact setup do you want?
  • What have you tried?
  • Where have you gotten stuck?


Thanks for your attention and sorry for not being clear enough.

Our server software is Ubunta 16.04

I didn’t get your idea by this question, but I want to setup this server as an IPFS node in order to share files and data with others. I mean putting files on our server and letting others to pick them through IPFS.

As I’m very new to IPFS, I have not any knowledge of how to do this. So I couldn’t try anything to be gotten stuck.

I would be so thankful to get help.

Please see the getting started documentation here:

You can specify the gateway address using the Addresses.Gateway config option (see in the source repo).

If you want to run the gateway under some path other than /, you’ll need to stick some reverse http proxy (e.g., nginx) out in front and have that rewrite the paths for you.